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Stuffed dates Khalas dates stuffed with almonds in the middle of a variety of organic dates, and there are many types, all of which are distinguished by the fact that they contain the nutrients that the body needs, and we will learn about the benefits of dates in the next.

Important information about the product of Khalas dates stuffed with almonds in the middle of the juice
Brand: Jazz.

Classification: grains and dates.

Additional details: Dates are one of the most expensive types of dates and have many types that contain dietary fibers that are beneficial to the body.

What is Khalas dates stuffed with almonds?
It is one of the types of Al-Ahsa dates, and this date is one of the finest types of dates in the world, where more than one and a half million palm trees are planted in order to produce 100 thousand tons per year. These dates have multiple types and dates in general contain the nutrients that the body needs in addition to calcium and vitamins.
Thus, Khalas is considered the first type of dates in terms of quality that is produced and is characterized by its own shape, color and size.
stuffed dates
Ingredients of Khalas dates stuffed with almonds in the middle of the beans: stuffed dates
Nutrients such as calcium and potassium.
Pantothenic acid.
Dietary fiber.
Natural sugars such as glucose and fructose.
Benefits of Khalas dates stuffed with almonds:
Maintains heart health because it contains a low percentage of fat, cholesterol and sodium.
Strengthens the heart muscle because it contains a large amount of potassium.
Rich in dietary fiber, so it gives a feeling of satiety and helps lose weight.
Reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the body.
Dates have antioxidant properties, which in turn improve digestion and metabolism.
Rich in calcium, therefore, it maintains bones and prevents rheumatism, osteoporosis and toothache.
A source of natural sugar, which contains fructose and glucose, and therefore provides the body with energy.
It contains pantothenic acid, so it helps hair growth and maintains skin.
Top Frequently Asked Questions About This Product: Stuffed Dates
Where can you get Khalas dates stuffed in the middle of Jazz? stuffed dates

Therefore, dates are always available in Majaz Souq store, which is one of the best stores in selling the product, as the store is distinguished by offering the best types of dates at the best price and highest quality, so it provides delivery service to anywhere in the least time, and the store always offers many offers that customers love.

Does salvation pass has an expiration date?

Of course, dates have an expiration date that is clearly written on the package, so you must check the date before buying to ensure the quality of the dates.


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