Ginger Mesbah

Prayer beads made of natural ginger, which is characterized by the smell of fruits that smells from it


Number of pills: 33 pills

Beads Size: 10ml

Color: Dark beige, ginger color

Smell: It has the perfect fruity scent


Cinnamon Misbah

The Cinnamon Misbah, which is distinguished by its elegant shape, distinctive color and ideal materials, and therefore we have made sure to provide it now in the store at the best prices, hurry to order it now and we will make sure to deliver it as soon as possible..

Materials: Made of the best acrylic materials.

Color: It has a dark brown color, with red edges in the pendant

Beads Size: 8mm

The number of beads available: 99 beads

Grain shape: It is characterized by a small round shape